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First Responders / Military  

First responders are increasingly experiencing a lack of support while seeking to protect our citizens. The trauma they incur has lasting impact not only on them personally but also in their families. We are able to provide support through neuromodulation therapy, which has been shown to have an 85% success rate for those experiencing PTSD, TBIs, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.


After years of oppression and war, individuals are left with the effects of trauma, minimal educational options, and economic hardship. Utilizing Mending the Soul's trauma curriculum we are training leaders in strategic areas of Asia. This will be an ongoing effort as the needs are great and the resources are limited. Please consider partnering with our efforts to mobilize sustaining work in this area of the world.

Donations help support training, curricula, and translation. 

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The donor will receive no goods, services, or other benefits from this gift. Gifts to Integrated Renewal are tax-deductible as provided in Section 170 of the IRS Code. All contributions are income tax-deductible and are requested and/or received with the understanding that Integrated Renewal has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

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